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Kyosho Scorpion B-XXL 1/7 Scale 2wd Buggy
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This is the Kyosho Scorpion B-XXL 1/7 Scale 2wd Buggy. With its large 1/7 scale size, the Scorpion B-XXL VE delivers proven off-road performance. With the striking 111 (One Eleven) graphics over matte black paint and smoked windows the B-XXL VE creates an intimidating look. Combined with the Orion brushless system and rugged block pattern tires on bare bolt beadlock wheels, the model surges to life as soon as the power is switched on, destroying everything in its path every time you pull the trigger.

Packaged as a Readyset, with a powertrain using the ultimate in model electronics, the B-XXL VE delivers dynamic acceleration and breathtaking top speed. Based on the Scorpion XXL chassis, the unique specifications can be seen throughout, including the red springs on the oil shocks. The dynamic power is supported by large capacity suspension to take on big jumps with confidence. This machine is packed with performance that delivers the ultimate off-road experience! 

Length: 665mm
Width: 430mm
Height: 230mm
Wheelbase: 435mm
Tread (F/R): 365 / 365mm
Tire (F/R): Φ140×55mm / Φ140×55mm
Gear Ratio: 15:1
Weight: 5600g approx.(with body/when 2-4 cell 6400mAh LiPo installed )
Motor: TEAM ORION Vortex7
R/C System: 2.4GHz Perfex KT-201

• Factory assembled chassis with 2ch, 1-servo 1-ESC R/C unit installed
• Pre-cut Baja Racer body complete with coloring and decals applied
• Syncro KT-201 Transmitter
• Team Orion Vortex 7 brushless motor installed
• Team Orion Vortex VE-XXL ESC installed
• Cross wrench

Needed to Complete:
• 7.2-14.4V LiPo Battery for chassis w/T-style plug
• Compatible charger
• (4) AA alkaline batteries for transmitter
• Factory assembled Readyset only requires batteries to be charged and installed
• Team Orion Vortex 7 brushless motor & waterproof ESC are included
• Inner fender on front is dirt proof and controls body vibration through the air
• One-piece body and large wing delivers superior aerodynamics
• Equipped with adjustable slipper clutch
• Compatible with a wide range of 2-4 cell LiPo battery packs
• Receiver box is perfect size for the small KR-200 receiver. Mounting position is as far as possible from motor and ESC noise
• Features diff gear incorporating durable 4 bevel diff gears
• Steel gears for high strength
• Black anodized main chassis plate
• Equipped with steel turnbuckles on upper arms and tie rod. Camber angle and toe angle setting can be adjusted
• Features hex type screws for secure assembly and high rigidity
• High-strength plastic shock stays deliver reliable suspension movement