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Kyosho Ultima SC6 1/10 ReadySet Electric 2WD Short Course Truck
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Kyosho Ultima SC6 1/10 ReadySet Electric 2WD Short Course Truck

The Kyosho ULTIMA SC6 has been modified for superior short course performance. Optimized steering performance thanks to the mid motor layout, smooth suspension movement with big bore aeration oil shocks and minimal drive loss due to the gear differential deliver dynamic performance on off-road circuits, especially high-grip surfaces.

Now available as a ReadySet package, this version of the SC6 is equipped with the newly developed Orion dDrive, this one-piece ESC and brushless motor power unit allows precise adjustment to realize the ideal throttle feel. The Readyset also comes with a newly designed pre-cut and printed body, as well as the KT-331P transmitter with LCD screen. Simply add your own battery to the chassis and the transmitter and you can be enjoying the dynamic performance of real short course truck racing.
Length: 550mm
Width: 296mm
Height: 150mm
Wheelbase: 330mm
Tread (F/R): 246mm/248mm
Tire (F/R): F110×44mm/110×44mm
Gear Ratio: 10.95:1
Weight: 2,000g (approx.)

•Factory assembled chassis with R/C unit installed
•Painted body complete with decals applied
•Syncro KT-331P transmitter
•Hex wrench (1.5, 2.0, 2.5mm)
•Cross wrench

Needed to Complete:
•7.2V battery for chassis (recommended: Ni-MH battery)
•Battery charger for chassis
•(4) AA sized batteries for transmitter

•Team Orion’s dDRIVE one-piece ESC and brushless motor installed. Simple wiring and setting options allow precision adjustment of control feel.
•Aluminum main chassis delivers moderate flex and high strength. Milling process produces optimal chassis rigidity for excellent controllability from improved grip.
•Precision machine cut aluminum aeration big bore oil shocks deliver dramatically improved grip.
•High grip block pattern tires with sponge inserts with hi-vis neon yellow wheels.
•Slipper clutch prevents damage to the gears from excessive loads during jumps. Precision adjustment to suit driving surface conditions delivers high acceleration.
•Side bumpers installed on both sides of chassis protects the R/C radio and battery from impact.
•Equipped with easily adjustable turnbuckles on steering tie rod and upper arms. Adjust rod length for precision setting of front/rear camber and front toe angle.
•High torque and waterproof KS-4031-06W servo delivers optimal off-road performance. Servo saver protects servo from hard impact.
•2.4GHz KT-331P transmitter features LCD screen for setting functions such as sub-trim, end point and dual rate adjustment. Also includes KR-331 receiver.
•Short course truck design based on the 2013 Electric Off-Road World Championship ‘RB6’.
•Factory assembled chassis requires only batteries for chassis and transmitter.
•0.8mm polycarbonate printed body delivers exceptional aerodynamics.
•Features race-standard midship layout for nimble movement on high grip surfaces.
•Equipped with oil-filled gear differential that maintains performance over long periods with excellent maintenance characteristics.
•Choose either 25° or 30° front skid to produce optimal running performance over gaps and jumps.
•Hex-type screws tighten firmly and are easy to work with.
•Tune up your chassis performance with a wide range of compatible RB6 optional parts.
•Gearbox incorporates two optional (UMW513 SP idler gear) hardened idler gears as standard.